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Paint Asia Project

A Radical Art Festival to Bring the Power of Art to Asia, Community by Community 


Too often do we take the little things for-granted. Some of our first memories were of drawings and doodles, paper cut-outs and paper mache projects done as a child at home or in class.


We don’t realize it then, but these fond memories have a lasting effect on us. It is vital in the early stages of growth to build creativity. Our mission is to create a Crowd-Funded Art festival that brings art to the kids and communities that need it most.


Hong Ye (Dah Dah) Village in Taitung County is situated in the rural mountains of South Eastern Taiwan. It is home to the aboriginal Bunun Tribe. Most Taiwanese aboriginal people who choose to live in rural tribal areas are often found living in impoverished conditions. Sub-standard schools, underfunded civil services and low upward mobility are commonly found. Although, the tribal Bunun face an array of hardships, they are a hardworking people with a colorful heritage. Taiwanese aboriginals are well-known for their artistic and musical creativity along with their athletic prowess. More often than not, these three fields are their only outlets to success.


Especially for sports, Dah Dah Village’s Hong Ye Elementary School Baseball Team, won international acclaim in 1968, when their Little League Baseball Team, who famously lacked proper baseball equipment such as bats and baseball mitts, beat the power house team from Kansai, Japan who were the Little League World Series Champions.


Because of this past history, baseball takes priority at the Elementary School. They put the majority of their annual budget towards the sports program. This means that the school curriculum is unable to offer it's students an art and crafts program until after the 3rd grade. This was something that we wanted to try and help.

Imperial Taels is the parent company of Paint Asia. Founded in 2010 in Taipei, Taiwan. Imperial Taels produces Street-Wear and Accessories and is a leader in Chinese-Taiwanese street culture. Heavily involved in Hip-Hop and has produced and sponsored songs and videos that have accumulated tens of millions of hits on Youtube. Imperial Taels currently sponsors some of the best skaters out of the region. We have collaborated with POW! WOW! and many other notable street artists throughout the years and we also sponsor dancers across the country.


POW! WOW! Taiwan is the Taiwan leg of POW! WOW! which was founded in Hawaii in 2010. POW! WOW! has grown into a global network of artists and organizes gallery shows, lecture series, schools for art and music, mural projects, a large creative space named Lana Lane Studios, concerts and live art installations across the globe. POW! WOW! Taiwan is the inaugural event that brings POW! WOW! to Asia and Taipei is the first city on the map for the event’s global presence. Artists are invited from all over the world, including the United States, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and join forces with local artists to enhance the existing art and music scene in Taiwan.

Through collaborations with Artists and the street art festival POW! WOW! We have been inspired to give you a project we’d like to call “Paint Asia“. We will use crowd funding as a source to bring together Artists from all over the world and use Art as a medium to deliver and inspire creativity.


Every year, we will search for a city in Asia that needs our campaign and run this grass roots event that’s funded by our backers with the goal of bringing art to the people. For Paint Asia’s inaugural year, we select the aboriginal village of Dah Dah (Hong Ye) in Taitung County, Taiwan.


We have assembled a select group of amazing artist that will collaborate with our parent company Imperial Taels with merchandise that will be used as Rewards for your Pledges in helping us achieve our goal.





The Artists & Artworks :



Amy Mariat

Jayson Atienza


Candy Bird

José Hsu



The Products :

Kickstarter is the leader in Crowd-Funding Platforms. Founded in 2009, New York City USA.

It is a revolutionary way of raising awareness and funding for projects that vary across many different fields. It can be considered a grass-roots platform that delivers unique projects to an audience that consists of like-minded individual backers/donors. 


Paint Asia is not a Non-Profit Organization or a Charity.

We are an Art festival that brings together a collective body of Artists through Crowd-Funding to deliver Art and Inspiration to the Kids and Communities that need it most.



Our Campaign will go live on September 18th, 2017.